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articles in the journal "Polytechnic Bulletin"

The journal publishes articles of a scientific, practical and problematic nature, which are the results of completed research, have scientific novelty and are of interest to a wide range of readers of the journal.
Basic requirements for articles submitted for publication in the journal:

  • the article (excluding reviews) should contain new scientific results.
  • the article must correspond to the subject and scientific level of the journal.
  • the article must be formatted in full accordance with the requirements for the design of articles

The article is submitted to the editorial office by e-mail and in one copy on paper, to which it is necessary to attach an electronic medium of text identical to the printed one, as well as two reviews of the article and a certificate of the result of the originality check.
Article structure

The text of the article should be submitted in IMRAD format in Tajik, English or Russian:

Requirements and samples of accompanying documents

Attached to the article:

  1. Transmittal letter.
  2. Author's statement.
  3. License agreement.
  4. Expert opinion on the possibility of publishing an article in the open press.
  5. Review.
  6. Checking for plagiarism