Jewelry is one of the most ancient arts and crafts of the world. Ancient findings suggest that the earliest examples of jewelry date back to the Bronze Age.

Jeweler comes from the Persian-Tajik word jewel, which means treasure. People in the West use the word "jeweler," so the source of jewelry comes from our ancestors. Jewelry making is one of the most delicate, beautiful, lucrative and ancient professions. When it comes to jewelry looks beautiful, the artisan and seamstress use jewelry. Recently, jewelry art has become a branch of advanced science and technology.

Methods of forging, casting, art casting, engraving, obroni (a technique used in the background), wire drawing and others are used in jewelry making. Technology of jewelry production now includes many areas of techniques: casting art; metal forming; welders; welding; electrophysical; electrochemical and decorative; plating; machining in automatic programming and so on.

At present, the following jewelry production processes are carried out in the laboratory "Technologies and Equipment of the Jewelry Industry" of the Department of Metallurgy.

  • Including:
  • Making jewelry, by the wire method (filigree);
  • By casting method:
  • centrifugal casting.