Fundamental and applied research projects submitted for the competition should have a promising value for the socio-economic and cultural development of the country.

Taking into account the real state and prospects of the socio-economic development of Tajikistan, the projects submitted for the competition should be carried out in the following priority areas of science and technology:

-formation and implementation of socio-economic policy in the conditions of sovereignty and market economy;

-mathematics, astronomy, physics;

-optimization of the operation of hydropower facilities using mathematical modeling methods;

-climate change, environmental monitoring, prevention of natural and man-made disasters;

-chemistry and chemical technology;

- earth science;


- biomedical technologies;

- biological foundations for the development of the agro-industrial complex and the development of new agricultural technologies;

-nanotechnology and nanomaterials;

- structural metal materials;

- polymeric and composite materials;

-Energy Saving Technologies;

non-traditional renewable environmentally friendly energy sources, methods of its transformation and accumulation;

- mineral resource and industrial complex;

- health care, ecology and environmental technologies;

-technologies for the production of new drugs based on the use of local raw materials;

-information communication technologies and management;

-a complex of humanities and social sciences.


Fundamental and applied research projects are selected based on the results of an independent examination from among the projects proposed for the competition by scientific organizations and teams, educational institutions, individual scientists and specialists from research institutes, and are funded by the Foundation for a special purpose for 2 years. The amount of financing for each project is 8-20 thousand somoni.

The application for participation in the competition includes a title page and a rationale for conducting a research project.

On the title page, you must indicate the name of the organization where the project is planned to be implemented; the name of the project; the timing of the project; project manager and main executors of the project.

In the justification, briefly on 2-3 sheets (A4 paper), it is necessary to indicate: the relevance of the problem, the novelty of the problem, the purpose of the Project, the scientific groundwork in this area, the expected results and the area in which the research results can be used.

Substantiation must be accompanied by:

1. Assignment for conducting a research project, in which the deadlines for the implementation of the project should be scheduled for two years (in stages). The task is signed by the scientific supervisor of the project and approved by the head of the organization.

2. Cost estimates for the research project (for each year and for a total of 2 years), signed by the supervisor, the chief accountant of the organization and approved by the head of the organization.

For all questions related to the submission of research projects for the competition, please contact:

734025, Dushanbe, Rudaki Avenue, 33, Presidential Fund for Basic Research.

Inquiries by phone: 2-21-62-64