Break in the communication deadlock

Break in the communication deadlock is in line with three strategic goals, which is considered as national responsibility and the important factor of country’s development. This goal is comprises of construction and modernization of motor roads, railroads, bridges, tunnels, terminals (airports) and other transport infrastructures in accordance with the international standards, the implementation of which should step-by-step break the communication deadlock of the country and turn it into a transit zone. Some of the projects of Tajikistan having regional and international character, will ensure access of the country to sea ports and transit highways of other countries.

With the view of achieving this goal, a lot of work, such as construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, reconstruction of transport facilities have been completed or is undergo. Particularly, road tunnels “Sharshar”, “Chormaghzak”, and “Shahriston” have been commissioned; construction and modernization of highways of “Dushanbe-Buston-Chanok”, “Dushanbe-Nurobod-Jirgatol-Saritosh”, “Dushanbe-Danghara” course have been completed. Construction of road tunnel “Istiqlol” is being continued, “Dusti” Road Bridge on “Panj” river have been constructed and commissioned, road courses of “Kulob-Qal’ai Khumb-Khorugh-Qulma”, “Qurghonteppa-Dusti” and other motor roads in various regions of the country, with the participation of Japan, Turkey and Iran, are under construction. Implementation of such projects provided opportunity to improve traveling (movement) of citizens, shipment and transportation of goods and supply of markets with merchandise (products) and dependence on roads that connected separate regions of the country through the neighbouring countries, to be liquidated and interchange of goods with the neighbouring countries to be increased.

It should be noted that implementation of some plans in the framework of this strategic goal have provided great opportunities to the development of the country and its cooperation with countries of the region.

With regard to the reconstruction of terminals (airports), there has been done a lot of work. At present, Tajikistan has four international airports (Dushanbe, Qurghonteppa, Kulob, Khujand).

The other issue is to improve transport operations, raise the level of public service, strengthening transport communications of the country and step-by-step turn the motor roads and railroads network of the country into the interstate transition lines. With this purpose, there has been made changes in the appropriate structures (motor roads, airways, railroads) and there were put new tasks before them.

It is expected that implementation of this strategic goal will facilitate improvement of access to the market, increasing trade volume in the region, bringing down transport services costs and on this base will ensure rise in living standards of population.