Ensuring energy independence

The Head of state have repeatedly stressed that continuous development of the country’s economy is impossible without energy independence and complete electricity supply of all spheres. In this regard, we should try to use external opportunities for the energy sector, which is considered one of the principal grounds of country’s economy development.
In this priority direction other opportunities and potentials will be used too. In 2009 the Head of state while addressing the Parliament of the country stated that ensuring implementation of various programmes in social and economic spheres and maintenance of economic development at a sustainable level, which proceeds from the National development strategy, depends on solving energy problems and in this direction the following tasks should be fulfilled:
1. Construction of the small, medium and big Hydropower Plants, power transmission lines and establishment of a unified energy system of the country;
2. Through the repair and reconstruction of hydropower facilities and restoration of their capacities, as well as electricity and gas transmission networks, transition to the use of energy-saving technology and ensuring stable development of energy sector;
3. With the use of all resources and opportunities and attraction of foreign and domestic investments during the next three years to meet the country’s demand for natural gas and during the next four years for electricity of domestic manufacture and on this base ensure the energy independence of Tajikistan.

In this direction, with the purpose of exploration of oil and gas basins and deposits and their management by the foreign companies a lot of work is undergo. In particular, with regard to the promotion of drilling, exploration and management of resources, cooperation with the 11 foreign and domestic enterprises and companies in 87 hydrocarbon and oil deposits and fields have been established and 12 different enterprises is working in the sphere of coal production.

The issue of hydropower generation, which Tajikistan has a great opportunity, is of special priority. Taking into account abovementioned, the Government of Tajikistan is keen to ensure the stable development of energy sector. 
The recent years events are construction and commissioning of "Rogun" Hydropower station, “Sangtuda 1” Hydropower station, 500 kW power transmission lines “South-North”, 220 kW power transmission lines “Lolazor-Khatlon”, 220 kW power transmission lines of Tajikistan and Afghanistan “Sangtuda-Puli Khumri”, which is an important step towards energy independence of the country. With the purpose of establishment of the unified energy system and to fully meet the domestic demand of the country for electricity, as well as its export to foreign countries, in line with the construction of hydropower stations also a great importance was attached to the provision of transmission infrastructure. Construction of high-voltage power transmission lines “South-North” provided opportunity to establish a unified energy network in Tajikistan.

With the view of providing more support to energy development and cooperation in the sphere, by the Republic of Tajikistan there was proposed an idea of establishment of the international hydropower Consortium in Central Asia, which has not lost his substance up to now. This initiative of the Republic of Tajikistan remains in the field of view of international community and in this regard, while implementing the UN Secretary-Generals initiative “Sustainable energy for all”, the Republic of Tajikistan, alongside with 5 countries all over the world, was presented as a pilot country.